Access to Care in Chaffee Crossing

WORDS and IMAGES courtesy Alicia Agent, Manager Marketing Communications, Baptist Health – Fort Smith

To keep up with an increasing need for access to health care in the River Valley, Baptist Health has added a second location in the growing area of Chaffee Crossing. In May Julie Rowland, APRN, will begin seeing patients at Baptist Health Family Clinic-Chaffee Crossing.

Julie has been a nurse practitioner in the community for four years. Julie earned an advanced practice nursing license from Simmons College in Boston in 2015 and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Central Arkansas in Conway in 2011. She has more than thirteen years of nursing experience, including working in intensive care and cardiology units across Arkansas and Oklahoma. Despite being a busy, working mom-of-three, Julie says her experience in hospitals inspired her to go back to school to become a nurse practitioner.

“When you treat a patient in the hospital, you usually see them at their worst, but in the clinic you have the opportunity to educate patients at all stages of life and help them achieve their health goals,” Julie said.

With numerous employers and neighborhoods being developed in Chaffee Crossing, Julie is excited to be able to provide convenient care for the growing community. In her clinic, Julie provides wellness exams, preventive care and tests and treatment for acute illnesses. Her clinical interests include diabetes, depression and preventive medicine. As the wife of a Type 1 diabetic, Julie knows firsthand how to help patients manage blood sugar levels with insulin, diet and lifestyle to prevent complications.

“I share a life with someone who lives with diabetes every day, so I feel that I’m able to connect with diabetic patients and help them work on improving their symptoms to gain a better quality of life,” Julie said.

Julie can provide guidance and treatment for those who have been diagnosed with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, as well as those suffering from hypertension, asthma, acid reflux and other chronic conditions. She takes a holistic approach to patient care and values the time she spends discussing test results, such as lab work, with each patient. Julie says it’s important for patients to understand what the results mean, how medication or lifestyle changes can improve their condition, and to have their questions answered.

“I like to try to do things as naturally as possible such as addressing a patient’s hormone and vitamin deficiencies, and overall lifestyle before adding any medications or making any changes,” Julie said. “I think what makes me different is that I like to have those patients come back to review their lab work in person. For example, if a patient’s Vitamin D is a little low, it’s important to explain to them what Vitamin D does and why they may need a supplement. People are more likely to actively participate in their health care if they have the opportunity to ask questions, face-to-face.”

Baptist Health Family Clinic-Chaffee Crossing
11300 Roberts Blvd, Fort Smith, Arkansas
Same-day & walk-in appointments available
479.709.7150 / 1.888.BAPTIS

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