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“We started advertising in Do South® in the very beginning, more than seven years ago. Catherine, the owner, approached me with a magazine format I was familiar with from larger cities, there was, however, one catch; she hadn’t printed a single issue yet. She sold me with her passion to make the magazine a success by featuring local people, businesses, and events in a format that was relatable to everyone and not just a platform to advertise. Over the years the magazine has grown into what it is today, and it has not disappointed. Do South® features so many wonderful things, and of those, the most important are its readers. There isn’t a day that goes by that a customer doesn’t say they saw one of our ads in the magazine or someone stops in and picks up a copy and tells us how much they enjoy reading it. It has truly been a benefit to our business. ”
~John Mays Jewelers
John Mays IV, John Mays III, Kathy Mays, Kevin Mays


John Mays Jewelers
479.452.2140 |
5622 Rogers Avenue, Fort Smith, AR

John Mays Jewelers is one of the local businesses that makes our community a wonderful place to live and work. At Do SouthÆ Magazine, our goal is to promote businesses like these, making sure you know what they can offer you. As a local business, we understand how important it is to support the ìshop localî initiative. Call Do SouthÆ today to see how we can help grow your business through effective, targeted advertising.



How long have you been in business? 

This September will mark our eighteenth year in business.


How have you kept the business successful over the years?

You must stay abreast of changes in the industry and have a passion for what you do. We truly enjoy the jewelry industry and travel to many markets, conferences, and seminars to stay in tune with changing times and advancements in the jewelry world. Our collaboration with American and international designers helps keep us up on what’s trending.


Other than your beautiful jewelry and accessories, what services do you provide?

We are a full-service jewelry store offering watch repair, jewelry repair, appraisals and custom design work.


What’s your favorite jewelry type?    

Art Deco.


How has jewelry design changed over time?    

Fashion changes over the years have helped influence trends in the jewelry industry, while technology advancements in recent years have been a catalyst in the design world.


How do you help people with their purchases?    

Knowledge of the products we are selling helps us to guide the customers to find the perfect piece of jewelry. We offer in-house financing as well as a beautiful gift wrap.


Can you design a custom piece of jewelry?    

We design pieces and help alter designs to fit our customers’ needs regularly.


What’s hot this year?  

Platinum and white gold diamond jewelry are still at the top of the list, while yellow gold is making a comeback. Pearl strands, and fashion pieces with pearls and diamonds have been very big in the last few months. Yellow diamonds are also making a resurgence.


What do you see in the future?    

Due to the limited supply of minerals in higher gem qualities and the pollution factors for some of the organic gems, I see the value and rarity continuing to rise in the years to come. Supply and demand will always help dictate price on these items, and with supplies dwindling on some gems, this will cause prices to increase.


What do you like best about your line of work?    

There is nothing like seeing the joy on someone’s face when they find the perfect piece of jewelry for themselves or someone they love. We live in a small town and see our customers everywhere. Often at dinner, we will see a customer out, and they see us and just smile. This is what our business is all about.


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