Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Catherine Frederick
Images: Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

I placed a tiny woman in my microwave, and boy was she angry! I’m sure it didn’t help matters that I filled her up with water, vinegar, and lemon juice and watched her spin ‘round and ‘round until steam spewed from her plastic head. That Angry Mama got to work, and she brought some fun to my kitchen.


What’s the deal?

The Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner may be one of the cutest kitchen gadgets I’ve ever purchased. I know the use of vinegar and water are nothing new when it comes to cleaning your microwave, but placing those ingredients inside a plastic reservoir crafted to look like an angry mama who’s about to blow her top is something new.


What’s the claim?

The claim is if you use Angry Mama she’ll soften stuck-on food and gunk from the inside of your microwave. Simply fill her up with water, vinegar, and lemon juice (optional), secure the top, then place her in the microwave for seven minutes and watch as steam spews from her head. The steam produced from her pressurized head allows you to quickly and easily remove dried on splatters and debris.


What’s the cost?

I paid $9.99 plus tax for Angry Mama at my local Bed Bath & Beyond. You can order it online (try Amazon), but you’ll have the added cost of shipping and handling.


What’s the verdict?

Does she work? Absolutely. Do you really, really need it? Perhaps not. For me, it was all about convenience and cuteness. I’ve already gifted an Angry Mama to my mother-in-law (who is not an Angry Mama). Sure, you could just boil vinegar and water in the microwave, but the thought of spilling boiling water on myself as I remove the bowl from the microwave is not very appealing to me. Angry Mama is removed from the microwave by her arms, which stay warm, not hot, so she’s much safer. You can even use the remaining warm water to wipe out your microwave! Bottom line: Angry Mama worked for me. She’s adorable even when angry, plus she’s dishwasher safe and chemical free as well!



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