As Seen on TV Hurricane Spin Scrubber—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Catherine Frederick

What’s the deal?

The As Seen on TV Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a cordless, rechargeable power scrubber that does the hard work for you, fast.


What’s the claim?

The claim is that the As Seen on TV Hurricane Spin Scrubber cuts through mildew, grime, dirt, rust, hard water stains, and much more, without you having to bend or get on your hands and knees to clean. It can be used indoors and out.


How it Works?

Simply pop on the scrubber head of your choice, turn it on, and watch the cyclone power go to work. Hurricane Spin Scrubber’s powerful spin action rotates 300 times per minute and flexible bristles mold into cracks and crevices to dig out dirt, grime, and mildew. Included are: The Hurricane Scrubber with built-in rechargeable batteries, an extension pole which extends to 44”, three scrubbing heads, and a charger.


What’s the cost?

I purchased mine at my local Bed Bath & Beyond for $39.99 (don’t forget their 20% off coupon), but the product is also sold online and at other big-box retailers.


What’s the verdict?

I have a large shower with small tiles on the floor, which equates to many grout lines and lots of scrubbing time. This product has saved me not only time, but I can clean the entire shower while standing. It can even be used in the kitchen and on automotive. The heads can be easily replaced as needed. I’ve found with the extension rod, I’m not exposed to the harsh chemicals, which tend to dry out my hands and cause brittle nails.
I highly recommend adding this product to your cleaning arsenal!


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