Beautiful Chaos

I was born and raised on a Quarter Horse ranch in northeast Oklahoma. I was the fifth generation of ranchers on The Rocking S…


Leading Through the Turn

In 1995, Garth Brooks was making waves in country music. At the box office, Braveheart was a runaway hit, and Ebay was unveiling its…


My Days With a Yogi

I’m the worst student in my yoga class. This is not an exaggeration. This is fact. I should get points for showing up early,…


On Your Mark, Get Set, Goal!

New Year’s resolutions. Those three words either make you roll your eyes or have you reaching giddily for the nearest notebook to make a…


The Lazy Farm Girl

I feel the need to disclose a nasty truth about myself. It’s not a skeleton rattling in the closet or a deep and dark…


Christmas Present Christmas Past

There is a particular feeling that inhabits my heart this time of year. I anticipate it from the very first cool morning in September….


A Predator in the Night

Although my family says that I have a tendency to exaggerate things a tad, it would not be an exaggeration for me to say…


The Art of Food And David Sun

Yu “David” Sun radiates happiness, his face glowing in the light that streams through the windows of Smile Bull, the Asian cuisine and sushi…


Finding Beauty in the Imperfect

Dumpster diving and traveling to yard sales and auctions may not be the most glamorous way to get through college while raising a daughter,…