Changing Seasons

words & IMages Lee Anne Henry, Whiteline Designs


Now that it’s cooler, I love walking in the morning and seeing the early-morning dew covering the fields around my home. You can feel the change in the air, and it makes me want to get things ready for the coming season!

My husband is busy cleaning out the garage, and I’m making the transition from summer to fall inside our home. What I find myself looking forward to at the end of a busy day is a sliver of time to curl up with a soft blanket and a book.

You’re probably thinking about making your home cozy and inviting this time of year, as well. Here are some affordable and easy changes to do just that.



Change the pillows on your sofa. Switch out bright and cheery summer colors to pillows featuring warmer hues, like chocolate brown, golden yellow, bronze, and burnt orange.


I suggest adding texture to the living room or entry area, and a rug will do the trick. Pick one with a mix of warm color hues, selecting again from a chocolate brown color palette. You might even consider using a sisal rug to define a living area, since it has a strong, repeating woven pattern. They come in beautiful, rich colors.


Pick some great throw blankets to toss over the arm of a chair or over the sofa, to create visual texture and warmth in your living room. It’s not only a beautiful touch, it’s also functional. It makes it easy to sit down and relax. One of my favorite blankets is described as a “luxuriously thick, butter-soft chenille braided throw that is rich in color and character.” I was excited to find it online at Restoration Hardware, but there are many other sources for a similar product.

An oversized chenille throw is a perfect way to blend deep texture, color, and functionality. I’m betting you’ll look forward to coming home if an oversized chenille throw is waiting patiently for you!


Find the perfect brushed-gold floor lamp to shed a warm light over your cozy sofa or upholstered armchair. Put the lamp on a timer so that when you come home at night there’s a standing invitation to grab the blanket and lose yourself in a book.

Remember, there are no strict rules when it comes to designing your home. Whatever you choose, do it because it makes you happy!

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