Where We Ate

My purpose in writing this story is to recall just a few of the places my friends, family, and I frequented in my younger…


Witness at the End, The Boston Store

Life is full of seemingly insignificant situations, and surface-level associations that at the time appear to be only a temporary means to an end….


All Roads Lead to Greenwood

When I was told that Greenwood, Arkansas, has a growing food truck presence, I decided to investigate. I drove there on a stifling day…


The Blue and the Gray

The Civil War brought soldiers to Fort Smith from various states in the Confederacy and the Union. Fort Smith was occupied at the beginning…


The Tale of Two Cities

Cisterna, Italy, and Fort Smith, Arkansas, are sister cities, a designation of love and respect that started during World War II. As a part…


Our Community Cares

By bringing the local community together and creating a network of churches, businesses, and individuals, Arkansas Family Alliance supports children and families in crisis….


Our Community Cares

Each day, Next Step Homeless Services sees as many as 150 clients who are either homeless or about to be. In 2017, they assisted…


Are You Ready for Some Steampunk?

For forty-two years, downtown Van Buren, Arkansas, has hosted its Old Timers Day Festival, an event that celebrates the area’s past. This year, the…