Farmhouse Bound

words and images: Catherine Frederick

I’m in love with farmhouse style, so, naturally, I couldn’t wait to dive into this Pottery Barn-inspired home décor DIY. It requires few materials and can be made quickly and easily. In no time, I created this basket out of natural cotton piping, then took it a step further and created chargers and coasters out of natural jute. You can too! Let’s get started.

(all materials from Hobby Lobby)
Hot glue gun, glue sticks, scissors
For Basket

  • 3/8” natural cotton piping
  • Parchment paper
  • (2) Leather straps – 10”
  • Leather hole punch or metal awl
  • Rivet set

For Chargers

  • 3-ply natural jute rope

For Coasters

  • 3-ply natural jute



Method – Basket

Decide what you’ll use to form the basket shape and size—this will be your base. I used a small wicker trashcan.

Tip: Wrap the outside of your base in parchment paper. This will keep the hot glue from sticking to the base. I skipped this step and it was a little difficult to remove once the basket was complete. 

Apply clear tape to cut end of piping, to prevent fraying. Turn base upside down and create bottom of basket by coiling piping into shape of base bottom (circle, oval, etc.). Keep hand on piping to prevent it from unravelling, apply hot glue in between each strand of piping, applying pressure to sides to ensure it’s secure.

Once dry, turn base over, resting on coiled bottom you just created. Apply glue to top inside edge of piping. Wrap and glue, continuing until you reach the top. Once basket is to size, remove base.

To finish, apply clear tape or hot glue to end of piping, to prevent fraying and adhere to top or outer edge of piping. Cut leather to the size of handles desired. Use leather punch or metal awl to create hole on each end of leather strap. Insert rivet through inside of piping, in the spot where you want the handle to be. Place other end of rivet through front leather strap. Snap the two ends of the rivet together, hammer rivet to secure. Repeat for both straps, adding extra glue around rivet, if needed. Look over basket, add extra glue, if needed.

Method – Charger & Coaster

Using jute in size of choice, apply glue to end of cut jute to prevent fraying. Coil into a circle, apply glue in between each piece of jute. Apply pressure, ensuring all sections are secure. When piece is the size desired, cut jute and apply additional glue to prevent fraying, and adhere to side of piece.

Note: Basket is a decorative item, designed to hold lighter items like towels, yarn, stuffed toys, etc. For chargers and coasters, you may opt to hot glue a piece of fabric to the back to prevent scratching of soft surfaces.

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