Farmhouse Charm

Farmhouse style is white hot! It’s always cozy, somewhat sassy and a little throw-back. The best part is you don’t have to live in a farmhouse to capitalize on the charm of this style. Just a few simple touches here and there is all most existing décor needs. Farmhouse style brings us back to days gone by, a time when things were just a little simpler and a whole lot sweeter. And couldn’t we all use simpler and sweeter? Follow these six simple steps to creating farmhouse charm in your home.


Old tool caddies are just begging to be filled with seasonal goodies. They exude lots of farmhouse style and plenty of charm. When you find an old tool caddy, buy it! If you can’t find a vintage caddy, try a new one that has an aged look. They can be filled with all sorts of ramble-bramble things to create wonderful arrangements.



Old silver is a great way to add a shiny pop of bling to farmhouse décor. Vintage and antique shops are full of inexpensive old silver and silverplate at very reasonable prices. Don’t polish the silver, or at least not often, for silver to acquire a soft tarnished patina.  I love the look of old silver placed in a beautiful white ironstone pitcher.



Speaking of white ironstone, it’s practically the trademark for farmhouse style! Stack ironstone platters, cups, or bowls to add lots of farmhouse character. Use them liberally in the kitchen and dining room. White ironstone is at its best when grouped together or corralled in a big basket or tray. They are meant to be shown off! But don’t forget to get them off your table and on to your walls for interesting wall art -— farmhouse style, of course!



Earthy, organic and homemade! Baskets are not only utilitarian but fabulous to display. Add a few sprigs of bittersweet to layer on more farmhouse charm. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and instantly bring lots of texture to any room. They are wonderful ways to contain things like books, toys or hobby items, while keeping them neat and decorative. Hand-woven baskets are a must to bring farmhouse charm to your home.



Shutters are the easiest way to get all the chippy texture and layers of paint color that are so important to farmhouse style. Hang them, prop them, or suspend them! Just make sure they look like they came right off the farm. Clean them up but don’t take off too many layers of grunge or old paint. Shutters are in high demand so grab them when you can.



Stools are simple, no nonsense farmhouse seating! Tall or short, stools are great ways to decorate. Tuck an old stool under a counter, in a corner, or use one as a small table or plant stand. Put one in the bathroom and hang linen hand towels from it. The more uncomplicated, the better! Plain, simple, and a little well used looks amazing.


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