Get Personal


words: Catherine Frederick

It’s almost gift-giving time again! You can personalize a gift and keep it simple this holiday season by purchasing ready-made pieces, like burlap and canvas totes or canvas pillowcases, and customize them with Sharpies made just for fabric. There are so many options. Aprons for the cook, oversized totes for travelers and sports moms, even small clutches for makeup!



Gift item (I got mine at Hobby Lobby)

Sharpie fabric markers




Place cardboard between front and back of the material you’re working with to keep the marker from bleeding through. Place stencil over material and tape down the edges with Painter’s tape if needed. Use the Sharpie to fill in the stencil areas one small area at a time, being careful not to move stencil. Carefully remove stencil and let piece dry completely.

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