Get the Facts on Greek Life

words: Sara Carter, UAFS Alum
Images: courtesy Rachel Putman, UAFS Photographer and Shannon Garcia, Greek Life and Leadership Programs Coordinator
In 2006, Greek Life came to University of Arkansas Fort Smith (UAFS) and is still going strong today. Greek Life at UAFS is full of capable, intelligent, and compassionate students who strive to positively impact their community, campus, and each other. When those students graduate, they take what they learned from their time in Greek Life with them and maintain the friendships they made. Members of Greek Life refer to their fellow members as their “brothers” or “sisters” and for many, their organization becomes their second family. Greek Life provides a place where students can not only be social but also push themselves to become better people, all while being accepted and supported by those around them.

Often, sorority and fraternity membership are characterized as exclusive, but at UAFS and campuses nationwide, Greek Life is open to all students, regardless of their race, religious background, or socioeconomic background. Hazing and underage drinking are also concerns for potential members and their parents. Parents’ and incoming students’ minds can be put at ease, though, because these actions are not tolerated at UAFS. If an organization, Greek or otherwise, is hazing its members, they will face serious consequences, no matter if they were on or off campus. They are not allowed to serve alcohol at their official functions and could be penalized if drinking occurs. These rules encompass all organizations on campus and are not limited to Greek Life. It’s important to these sororities and fraternities that their members enjoy themselves and build relationships with each other, and are safe while doing so.

Recruitment itself is also something of a mystery to potential new members. Recruitment is a time when potential new members meet current collegiate members of each Greek organization, learn about Greek Life, and make a decision about where they best fit. A potential new member may choose not to join a sorority or fraternity without negative consequences. Additionally, if a student decides to join a chapter, there is a period when they are considered a “new member,” before initiation when they may decide that they do not want to officially join the organization, and are not penalized for that decision. Members of a sorority or fraternity are members for life unless they choose to withdraw from the organization after they are initiated.Members must also complete study hours, maintain a grade point average (GPA) that maintains their status of good standing, attend meetings, and participate in their community. The academic expectation standard set forth by the University is a 2.30. Currently, all fraternity and sorority members at UAFS are in good academic standing with the University and their respective councils. The cumulative Greek GPA this past term was a 3.01.

There are three Panhellenic sororities, four Interfraternal Council (IFC) fraternities, and one Multicultural sorority at UAFS. The Panhellenic sororities are Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Gamma, and Gamma Phi Beta. The reason these sororities are referred to this way is that while they are separate from each other, the Panhellenic Council represents all of these sororities and provides unity among them. The sororities and fraternities at UAFS and other college campuses are called “chapters” because each of them is part of an encompassing Greek organization, much like chapters are part of a larger book.

If you are interested in learning more about Greek Life at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, you may visit the campus website, or may go to the official websites of each sorority and fraternity on campus. Sorority Recruitment will take place on the UAFS campus from September 1-4, and Fraternity Recruitment will be from September 12-17.


The sororities on campus are Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Gamma, Gamma Phi Beta, and Gamma Eta Sorority.

Upsilon Beta chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi 

•Symbol: The Général Jacqueminot Rose

•Color: Cardinal Red

•Core Values: Simplicity, Integrity, Tolerance, Generosity,
Personal Dignity, and Love

•Motto: “Unity and Balance”

•Mission: “Women Enriched through Lifelong Friendship”

•National Philanthropy: The Arthritis Foundation

•Local Philanthropy: Project Compassion

•Philanthropy Event: Strike Out Arthritis


The Eta Omicron Chapter of Delta Gamma

•Symbol: The Hannah Doll and the Anchor

•Colors: Bronze, Pink, and Blue

•Core Values: Sisterhood, Scholarship, Leadership, and Service

•Motto: “Do Good”

•Mission: “For Hope, For Strength, For Life”

•National Philanthropy: Service for Sight

•Local Philanthropy: Joining Forces

•Philanthropy Event: Anchor Slam and Anchor Splash


The Zeta Phi Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta 

•Symbol: Crescent Moon

•Colors: Brown, Light Brown, Pink

•Core Values: “Love, Labor, Learning, and Loyalty”

•Motto: “Founded Upon a Rock”

•Mission: “To Inspire the Highest Type of Womanhood.”

•National Philanthropy: Campfire USA and Girls on the Run

•Local Philanthropy: Girls, Inc.

•Philanthropy Event: Crescent Classic


Gamma Eta Sorority Inc. 

•The first Multicultural Greek Organization at UAFS. •Motto: “Hoy y Siempre” (Today and Always)

•Philanthropy: The Prevention of Physical, Emotional,

and Sexual Abuse Against Women.

•Symbols: Sun, Sunflower, and Fleur de Lis

•Colors: Purple and Teal



The fraternities on campus are Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Pi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Nu.

Kappa Alpha 

• Core Values: Reverence, Gentility, Service, Leadership, Knowledge, Perseverance, and Excellence

• National Philanthropy: Muscular Dystrophy Association

• Local Philanthropy: Highway Cleanup and Children’s Shelter

• Philanthropy Event: Children’s Shelter Egg Hunt


Kappa Sigma 

• Core Values: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service

• National Philanthropy: Military Heroes Campaign

• Local Philanthropy: Bost

• Philanthropy Event: Polar Bear Plunge


Pi Kappa Phi

• Core Values: Character, Leadership, Achievement, Scholarship, and Service

• National Philanthropy: The Ability Experience

• Local Philanthropy: Special Olympics

• Philanthropy Events: Push Week and Push Fair


Sigma Nu 

• Core Values

-To develop ethical leaders inspired by the principles of Love, Honor, and Truth

-To foster the personal growth of each man’s mind, heart, and character

-To perpetuate lifelong friendships and commitment

to the fraternity

• National Philanthropy: St. Jude Children Research Hospital

• Local Philanthropy: Women’s Crisis Center of Fort Smith

• Philanthropy Event: Sigma Nu St. Jude Breakaway 5K

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