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Do you lay your rings or earrings down in the most random places, becoming frantic later when you can’t find them? I’ve worked myself into tears looking for my rings (my memory is just not what it used to be). Then, I discovered the most beautiful solution on Pinterest®. Check out this gorgeous, and oh-so-easy, DIY! Customize to match your color scheme and place it next to the kitchen sink or on the bathroom counter, and never lose track of your precious jewels again! I’ll be making these for Christmas gifts too!

Materials you’ll need:

Scupley® oven bake clay
(1.75 lb white, and a few ounces of black and other colors of choice)

X-acto® knife or plastic clay tool

Oven-safe bowl

Oil based metallic gold paint marker or gold liquid gilding

Small paintbrush, if using gilding

Large jar or rolling pin

Coffee can or circular object
to trace around

Satin glaze (optional)

Nail file (optional)



1. Choose your clay colors. Pinch off a section of clay for each color and roll into a length of about 5”. For most of my dishes, I used 2 thick rolls of white or a colored clay, a medium roll of a secondary color, and a thin roll of another, plus a tiny roll of black or gray. There are no precise measurements. You need to have enough clay in total to roll out a 6” circle that is 1/4” thick. This can take a bit of practice. My advice is use a bit more clay than you think you’ll need.

2. Group rolls and twist together to form one large twist.

3. Roll out the twist into one long roll until it’s twice the original length. Fold in half to combine colors and twist ends together. Repeat the twisting, folding and rolling 2-3 times more or until colors start to blend.

4.  Squash clay into a singular ball. Make sure you see all of the colors on the surface of the ball. If not, break ball in two pieces then reform ball.

5.  Using a large glass or rolling pin, roll out the ball of clay. You will see the colors begin to merge together and create the marbled pattern. Roll in various directions from edge to center to mold the clay. Roll to about a 1/4” thick.

6.  Place a coffee can or other item that is about 6” wide on top of clay circle then use your X-Acto® knife to trim any excess.

7.  You have two choices in this step:

A) Place clay circle into an oven-safe bowl that’s small enough for the circle to sag a bit in the middle and give it the correct shape.

B) Turn oven-safe dish over, then place clay circle over the bottom of the dish, shaping the circle to the outside of the bowl.

Bake according to package directions. I baked mine at 275 degrees for 15 minutes. Remove from oven and allow to cool before removing clay from dish

8.  Once cooled, sand the edges of the dish with a nail file, if desired, to even out the edges. Paint the rim of the dish with the gold marker or gilding. Allow to dry, then seal with glaze, if desired. You can choose a matte or shiny finish.

Note: Glazing will not make your dish food safe or waterproof!

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