Lids by Design®—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Catherine Frederick

What’s the deal?

Lids by Design® is a medical grade instant eyelid correcting strip.


What’s the claim?

The claim is that the correcting strip will instantly and temporarily uplift the appearance
of eyelids while visibly refreshing the signs of tired, aged eyes. Great for loose, sagging skin and heavy-hooded lids, they are easy to apply and an affordable alternative to surgery. The strips are made of a medical-grade, latex-free material which blends in with your skin and makeup can be applied afterward. The product is made in Germany.


How it Works?

After you wash your face to remove oils, makeup, and residue, raise your eyebrow to lift excess skin. Apply the strip across the eyelid fold (not below or above it) using the included tweezers. Softly press the strip until it adheres and blends with your skin. Covering the strip with an eyeshadow primer is optional but recommended. Afterward, apply makeup as normal. When you’re ready to remove them, gently peel the strip off the eyelid and dispose of it as each strip is for a one-time use only.


What’s the verdict?

I found them easy to apply; however, placement did take a little practice. But, thankfully I had the variety box so I could play around with the sizes to find just the right one for me and get the placement right too. For the most part, the strips blended into my skin. I found it easy to apply makeup over the strips, especially after using the COLORSET Pencil Primer by Contours RX®. They only took a minute or two to apply and gave my eyes a much brighter and youthful appearance!

Lids by Design® can be purchased at Dr. Steven Stiles Optometry in Fort Smith, 479.452.2020, for $39.95, for a variety box of 80 (one-month supply with 10 extra for trial), or online at


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