Light Up Your Life!

I absolutely love natural light flowing into a room through a window. Lighting brings us closer to nature, it brightens a room, and it…


Celebrating the Greatest Generation

In the summer of 2013, Fort Smith Symphony Music Director John Jeter was in the process of programming the music for the symphony’s 2015-2016…


The Whirlwind Road to Windgate

This month marks the completion of the Windgate Art and Design building at the University of Arkansas – Fort Smith. The newest addition to…


The Flower Test

It’s the season of celebrating the sunshine and beauty of Arkansas, the Natural State, and it makes me happy to see our community come…


“S” Is For Survival

Teachers have tough jobs, y’all! Brighten their first day back to school with this handy survival kit.   MATERIALS Any container will do –…

Celebrate Recovery

A Million Reasons to Celebrate

This world is not a gentle place. We face disappointments, more stress than we can handle, and family issues that cause us to stay…


The Story of Your Life

My approach when designing a home has more to do with the client’s life than my own personal taste or the current national trend….

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Local Artists Come Home

The real estate agent’s mantra is three simple words: location, location, and yes — location! It means that if you’re not careful, you might…

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Big House in Little Hardy

Some of the prettiest land in Arkansas is in and around Hardy, population 772. The town sits in the Ozark foothills on the Spring…