Local Artists Come Home

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words: Lee Anne Henry, Whiteline Designs

The real estate agent’s mantra is three simple words: location, location, and yes — location! It means that if you’re not careful, you might accidentally buy the right home in the wrong location.

Here’s a designer’s take on that same statement: when it comes to adding artwork to your home, search for local artists, local artists, and yes — local artists!
Why? Look around you! We are surrounded by lush greenery and beautiful scenic vistas. We have the Buffalo National River, our colorful four seasons, and incredible landscapes.

We live in an amazing part of Arkansas, and it makes sense that we would be neighbors with some of the nation’s most talented artists and artisans.
The artists who live here create original paintings, sculptures, and even hand-blown glass chandeliers.

It boils down to this: if you enjoy the incredible taste of locally grown food and you love supporting our local farmers at the Farmer’s Market, then I’m positive you’ll be thrilled to support our many talented local artists.

It’s not every day that we get to talk to the actual people behind the products we use, the food we eat, and the art we love. Connecting with them makes our community stronger and more rooted. You will feel better, and you might just make new friends in the process.

In speaking with local artisans, you will discover they are kind, flexible, and their work is affordable. Most comply to your color requests and usually offer a wide array of painting styles to fit your preferences.

Why invest in local art? Because you’ll love it! And that’s the best answer to any question in life — do it because you love it.

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