MoviePass—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Marla Cantrell

What’s the deal?

MoviePass is a theatergoing subscription service that’s changing the way consumers see movies.


What’s the claim?

The claim is that you can see any movie on any day in theaters across the nation. In fact, ninety-one percent of theaters accept MoviePass, including major chains. In the River Valley, that’s all-encompassing, including Carmike in Fort Smith, and Malco in Fort Smith and Van Buren. In Northwest Arkansas your MoviePass is also a golden ticket, granting you access to AMC, Malco, Carmike, and even the Siloam Springs 6, for example. The company is the brainchild of Netflix co-founder Mitch Lowe who believed people would buy this product in much the same way they did a gym membership.


How it Works?

Sign up at and agree to pay the fee, which at this writing was $9.95 per month.  Wait for your debit card to arrive, then download the MoviePass app on your phone. You can see one movie a day, 365 days a year. IMAX and 3D are not included.

Once you’re near the theater, log on to your app, select a movie, and go to either the ticket window or the kiosk. Swipe your card, or let the ticket taker swipe your card, and you’re all set!


What’s the verdict?

I signed up for MoviePass in November of last year, and since then I’ve seen every movie that’s interested me. This has dropped my cost to see movies in theaters dramatically. If you wonder what MoviePass gets out of all this, published reports say they can gather data subscribers’ viewing habits, which could lead to targeted ads or other marketing materials. (Other entities already do this. Ever notice how Facebook knows you’re looking for a refrigerator or a new coat, for instance?)

While at the Malco Theatre in Van Buren, Arkansas, I asked an employee if he was seeing customers using the MoviePass debit card. I was told that the number is growing weekly. It seems consumers are seeing the benefits of a service that costs $9.95 and allows them to see seven movies a week.


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