Must-Have Countertop Kitchen Appliances

words: Catherine Frederick
image: courtesy vendors

Walk into my kitchen, and you’ll find these appliances and cookware—most of them out on the countertop for all to see. They save me time and money as well as help me to prepare delicious meals for my family. I simply can’t live without them!

FoodSaver® Vacuum Sealing System

Prolong the life of your food! Keeps food fresh in the
freezer, refrigerator or pantry 2-5x longer. Reseal, marinate, and divide food into portions for later use in a cinch!


KitchenAid® Stand Mixer 

It does more than dress up your countertop! Mix up sweet treats, spiralize, slice and dice veggies, make fresh pasta, and so much more with the stand mixer and over ten optional attachments.


Cast Iron Cookware

Why? Because your grandmother used it! And because it’s naturally non-stick and can easily go from stovetop to the oven. Season it well, care for it properly, and it will serve you and your family for generations to come.


Red Copper® Non-Stick Ceramic Cookware

It’s true. You can cook without butter, oil, or grease using these pans. Food will slide right out. Lightweight but super strong. Oven safe to 500 degrees and dishwasher safe.


Instant Pot® Programmable Pressure Cooker

Saves you time by cooking your food up to 70% faster! I own the Duo Series which combines the functions of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice maker, steamer, and has a sautéing option, and warmer. Plus, it even makes yogurt and cakes!


Ninja Coffee Bar System with Thermal Carafe

Make a standard cup of joe or a caramel macchiato in minutes. It has a built-in frother, it’s pod free, brews multi or single serve, has a permanent reusable filter, and a removable water reservoir.

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