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words: Catherine Frederick
image: myFlipShade

If you’ve ever tried to view the screen on your phone while you’re outside, lounging by the pool, or walking along the beach, and can’t see a thing because of the sun’s glare, the myFlipShade will be your new best friend! It’s the new, must-have accessory for your phone. myFlipShade had me before I even opened the package with their large “Are you being shady?” sticker on the front. The product is super lightweight and comes in a variety of styles, from pineapples to black. Find out why myFlipShade is my new travel companion!


How it works:

Simply attach it to the back of your phone (a strong piece of 3M adhesive which can be reused up to 50 times, is already attached to the product). Flip the shade over the top, into place – you will hear a “click.” Pull out the side wings until they click, the wings can easily pop on and off and fold in as well. When not in use, fold the shade around to the back of the phone and click into place to fold the product flat.


What’s the verdict? 

I love that it’s easy to attach and comes in styles that I enjoy. The price point, at $9.99, makes it affordable and it can be purchased from Amazon or Target. Not only does it provide shade, but it also protects your phone by blocking sunlight, rain and snow. myFlipShade also doubles as a privacy shield so prying eyes cannot peak at your screen! You can also use myFlipShade to prop up your phone to watch videos or FaceTime friends. It is compatible with iPhone models 6 and higher, including plus sizes.


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