New Year’s Beauty Resolutions


30 to Start & Stop in 2015

  • Clean your makeup brushes
  • Start defining your brows
  • Set your concealer
  • Never sleep in your makeup
  • Toss out old makeup
  • Use waterproof mascara on bottom lashes
  • Start exfoliating
  • Use a retinol or retinoid product and an eye cream
  • Incorporate SPF in your primer or moisturizer
  • Experiment with color and trends
  • Stop putting bronzer on your whole face
  • Stop matching foundation to the back of your hand
  • Stop applying concealer wrong
  • Stop applying lip liner just to the edges
  • Don’t wear waterproof mascara every day
  • Don’t use one eye shadow brush for everything
  • Stop using the wrong blush formula
  • Stop wearing too much foundation
  • Stop curling your lashes with mascara
  • Don’t apply your blush incorrectly
  • Stop using a nude lip color
  • Don’t apply makeup in the wrong lighting
  • Don’t keep applying the wrong shade of concealer
  • Stop pumping the brush in an almost empty mascara tube
  • Don’t use the wrong primer for your foundation formula
  • Don’t thickly line your bottom lash line
  • Don’t wear your blush too low
  • Don’t overline your lips to make them appear larger
  • Stop using old-school wedge sponges to apply foundation
  • Don’t smoke


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