November DIY Step by Step Pics!

I love, love, love the DIY’s for November. Both are super simple to create and make great Christmas Gifts! As promised, here are some additional Step by Step pics to help you along the creative process! The below photos are from SPOT ON! All you need are some sticker letters, oil-based Sharpies (they MUST be oil-based), and some white mugs (think Walmart or Dollar Store for these). You could fill these mugs with hot cocoa, gift cards or candy for gifting!

Steps by Step!




Making the pumpkin or peppermint soaps? You are going to LOVE them. Again, super easy to make and a great gift. I purchased my shea butter soap base, mold and colorant from our local Hobby Lobby. I already have tons of Essential Oils on hand (my favorite are Young Living), but you can purchase essential oils at Old Fashioned Foods or your local health food store.

Clean up on this project is SUPER simple too since it’s just soap! Cut the soap base into blocks, pop in the microwave to melt, add in the colorant or scents, pour into molds. If you are adding drops of colorant to create the swirl effect, I’ll warn you, you must work QUICKLY with the toothpicks as the soap sets up very quickly. Package for gifting any way you like. For my pumpkin soaps, I used leftover scrapbook paper and for the peppermint, I used decorative twine and a piece of peppermint candy.


Soap Step By Step

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