Shirtless in Stamperville

I can feel the tall wisps of bahiagrass grazing across the naked calves of my legs. It’s been raining this afternoon, so it is…


The Growth of a Gardener

My mother has a green thumb. She can grow anything. When I was a kid, she would do things like buy me purple rose…


Boys in the Hood

The abbey bell sang its hearty summons shortly before mid-day, each peal beckoning, cajoling, compelling.   “You want to join us for noon prayer?”…


This BIG Little Church

“May the Lord richly bless you and keep you safely in his arms. Shake hands and be friendly. You’re dismissed.” How many times have…


Junkin’ in Prairie Grove

  The Junk Ranch in Prairie Grove, Arkansas lives a double life. Most days, if you saw this thirty-five-acre site with its big, weathered…


The Hopeful Romantic

“… It was in the season that I could not feel the thing, when I came to the place of choosing to love when…


Justice for Missy Witt

The following account of what happened on December 1, 1994, is based on information from LaDonna Humphrey and published reports about this unsolved case….