Peter Cotton Tail

words: Catherine Frederick
image: Jeromy Price

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail, hopping right across your table! But don’t worry, he won’t eat much, and even though he’s chocolate brown, he won’t melt. What he will do is grace your Easter table in the cutest way possible!


Purchase burlap table runner (much easier as the edges are already hemmed and will not fray). Print out bunny silhouette from the URL below (tip: print out as many bunnies as you will place on the runner – makes it easier to space them out). Place paper under runner so paint doesn’t seep through. Space silhouettes onto runner, then using a brown Sharpie®, trace around each silhouette. If your runner falls over the ends of your table, you may want to turn the silhouette on each end of the runner so the bunny is sitting horizontally and not vertically. Using brown acrylic craft paint, paint the bunnies. Let dry completely. While paint is drying, create pom-poms for the tails. For pom-pom making instructions, visit our website at Once paint is dry, attach pom-poms for tails with craft glue or a glue gun.

Bunny Silhouette

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