“S” Is For Survival


words & image Catherine Frederick inspiration Pinterest®

Teachers have tough jobs, y’all! Brighten their first day back to school with this handy survival kit.



Any container will do – I chose a cute pail. Be sure to shop the dollar spot at Target or the travel section at Walmart for fun ideas. Here are some great items for your kit.

  • Animal crackers
  • Band-Aids®
  • Chewing gum
  • Peanuts
  • A shiny coin
  • Tissues
  • Eraser
  • Life Savers® candy
  • Deodorant
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Lotion
  • Lint roller
  • Travel Febreze
  • Emergen-C® packets
  • Blow Pop
  • Chocolate
  • Sharpie®

Here’s the fun part! Create and print, or handwrite, a personal message to your child’s teacher with a cute message behind each item you chose.

  • New Year Survival Kit!
  • Animal crackers for when your class feels like a zoo
  • Band-Aids® to hold it all together
  • Chewing gum to help you stick to it
  • Peanuts for when everyone’s gone completely nuts
  • A shiny coin to remind you that each child will shine in their own way
  • Tissues to wipe away tears… yours and theirs
  • Eraser to remind you that everyone makes mistakes
  • Life Savers® candy for when you need to stay afloat
  • Deodorant to help keep your cool when the pressure is on
  • Antibacterial gel to keep cooties at bay
  • Lotion for when things get rough
  • Lint roller for when things get hairy
  • Febreze for that stinky aroma that arrives after recess
  • Emergen-C® packets to keep you in the classroom and off the couch
  • Blow Pop because some days suck and you need to blow them off and start over
  • Chocolate because chocolate makes everything better
  • Sharpie® to remind you that you leave a permanent mark on every child

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