Simply Straight Pro™—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Catherine Frederick Images: courtesy Simply Straight™

Are we the only ones that are drawn into those As Seen on TV products? We didn’t think so! This month, Do South® reviews Simply Straight™ Pro, the ceramic straightening hair brush that claims to give perfectly straight, salon quality results in minutes. Summertime is the perfect time to show our locks some love, so, let’s check it out!

What’s the deal?

Simply Straight™ Pro has several features that interested us, and it sounded like a great tool to tame frizz during the humid days of summer and time at the lake! It heats up quickly – ready in thirty seconds – up to 450°, and the temperature is displayed on an LCD screen. Not only does it claim to straighten your hair, but also lift at the roots for perfect volume and amazing shine. There’s even a sixty-minute auto shut-off feature, which offers peace of mind.


What’s the claim?

Simply Straight™ Pro claims their secret to straightening hair lies in the ceramic wrapped bristles that lift hair at the roots. All you do is brush your hair, and Simply Straight™ Pro delivers gentle, even heat around each strand. They claim the device will not flatten or fry your hair and that it will tame frizz and provide brilliant shine and volume — perfect for straightening curly or frizzy hair.


What’s the cost?

Simply Straight™ Pro is sold locally as well as online. We found them at a variety of price points (prices based at the time of writing): $49.88 at Walmart, $59.99 at Bed, Bath & Beyond, and $79.99 at


What’s the verdict?

Our managing editor, Marla Cantrell, has really curly hair, and couldn’t wait to see if it would work for her. She clipped the top layer of her hair up, and then straightened the bottom layer one section at a time. While you can easily just brush your hair, sectioning it gave Marla similar results to those you receive at hair salons.

Once the bottom layer was straightened, Marla repeated the process with the top layer. Her hair was straight but still had volume, and it stayed straight all day. It was also shiny, a big bonus for anyone who has super curly hair. The following morning, her hair was a bit curly/frizzy but better than usual. Instead of washing/drying/straightening, which was her normal daily routine, she used Simply Straight™ Pro, brushing it through her hair without worrying about sectioning it. Perfect! She would recommend this product to anyone who, like her, has spent a gazillion hours and nearly as much money trying to straighten their hair.



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