Southern Lit


Prodigal Summer

The rain that morning made everything worse. Afterward, steam rose from the road that whipped by my house, from the gravel that made up…


Here Comes the Sun

Julie feels it, the pulsing heat that rises above the blacktop road, shimmers through the leaves of the maple tree in her front yard….



I’d been through a few men by then. Not so many as to cause a scandal, but enough. My best friend Jimmie Ann and…


Here We Are Together

Lucette used to be a “hit-the-road, Jack” kind of girl. When things got hard in a relationship, she was out the door, no turning…

Southern Fiction

Past the End of Everything

This was years ago when we lived in the apartment that was so small I gave you the only bedroom, when I slept on…


Snow in August

I used to believe in the equanimity of the world. I’d see panhandlers at intersections, their cardboard signs asking for help, and I’d believe…


I Should Stay

If you’re not in love as Valentine’s Day approaches, you shouldn’t work in a candy shop. But I do, and today the parking lot…


Girls Who Run

Sometimes a girl just has to run. Sometimes her feet take over. This is one of those times, early morning, early January. I’m at…