Southern Lit


Snow in August

I used to believe in the equanimity of the world. I’d see panhandlers at intersections, their cardboard signs asking for help, and I’d believe…


I Should Stay

If you’re not in love as Valentine’s Day approaches, you shouldn’t work in a candy shop. But I do, and today the parking lot…


Girls Who Run

Sometimes a girl just has to run. Sometimes her feet take over. This is one of those times, early morning, early January. I’m at…


Even When Good is Losing

The view from the back door of Lovie’s small house looks like a painting. She doesn’t own a lot of land, but there’s a…


The State Bird of Arkansas

Violet can’t do math. She gets by okay, but salespeople and con artists could rob her blind, and she’d never know. The year she…


All Those Rocket Men & Rocket Women

The wind was blowing that night, lifting the edges of our skirts, tossing candy wrappers that tumbled end to end across the football field….


I Met a Man

A Greyhound bus stopped right in front of me, and the first passenger out was a man wearing a Fedora, and he tipped his…