Southern Lit


Christmas Eve at the Hard Times Cafe

As soon as Donna steps foot in the Hard Times Café she isn’t Donna anymore. Here, where she waitresses, they called her Red, because…


Mama Said She Loved Me But She Lied

“My mama says said loved me but she lied,” Wesley Kidd, near about thirty years old, calls out to anybody that’ll listen. He’s standing…


What Brings Us Home

When Bobby Romeo was going on nineteen, he left the hills with his tail afire. I never seen a body want to leave home…


The Middle Child’s Middle Name

The only reason my oldest daughter Reba Fay moved me in with her was because that wet-behind-the-ears doctor at the emergency room said I’d…


Who We Really Are

Libby Gallus, at fifteen, has had it. What happened is this: her mama has turned in to somebody entirely different. Her Grandma Iola, who…

Southern Lit

The Road That Leads You Back

I can see Ira from our bedroom window. He is out in the corn patch a few yards away, and it’s past midnight. He…

Southern Lit

Broken Like Stone

The rock fell. That was all Cookie Whittington knew. It fell from a bridge to the silver Buick below. The Buick that held her…

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One Summer In Judsonia

In the summer of my twenty-second year, just as the corn and tomatoes were coming to life, a man found his way to me….