Southern Lit


The Middle Child’s Middle Name

The only reason my oldest daughter Reba Fay moved me in with her was because that wet-behind-the-ears doctor at the emergency room said I’d…


Who We Really Are

Libby Gallus, at fifteen, has had it. What happened is this: her mama has turned in to somebody entirely different. Her Grandma Iola, who…

Southern Lit

The Road That Leads You Back

I can see Ira from our bedroom window. He is out in the corn patch a few yards away, and it’s past midnight. He…

Southern Lit

Broken Like Stone

The rock fell. That was all Cookie Whittington knew. It fell from a bridge to the silver Buick below. The Buick that held her…

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One Summer In Judsonia

In the summer of my twenty-second year, just as the corn and tomatoes were coming to life, a man found his way to me….


Up On Piney Mountain

Allie Walker pushed aside two trashcans that held chicken feed, scooted past the riding lawn mower and grabbed her ex-husband’s handsaw. The shed was…


Spring Garden

My cobbely plot of gray soil, hand-turned with a pronged fork last October waits for the earth’s March tilt to bring the year’s first…