Southern Lit

Tear It Down

Tear It Down

“Got a nightclub going in up over that way,” Charlie Boy says, and points past the long gravel driveway. “Up where the Amish drive…


The Poet at Cherokee Village

Evening was at hand in the old village. Lavender sky gathered indigo edges, Bluing to twilight. Crow circled, Called, kept watch. I watched For…


She’ll Be Back

She was wearing a dark blue velvet dress, cut low at the neckline, a slit running up the right side of her long skirt….


I’m Here to Open Up Your World

I’m reading this book on how to get a man to propose that Mama bought me because I’ve been seeing Holt three years come…


Arkansas Forecast

“If you don’t like the weather here just wait a few minutes. It’ll change.” old meteorological saying Last night the moon was ringed by…


Down at the Chow Chow

By Mama’s wedding to husband number five, I was finding it hard to muster up even a little enthusiasm. Even so, I showed up…


my friend Roberta

She speaks grits and does not even commit y’all to the plural. i have become a crowd by just standing still and listening to…


Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

August 28, 1934 Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, If the apple trees had blossomed this year I wouldn’t be writing to you today. But that did…