Southern Lit


Nine Months

It was summer when we planted you. In a stolen afternoon or a rare and coveted night. I don’t know which. I can only…


As Long As You Remember

He came up from Texas, in a Dodge Ram that blew a gasket on the outskirts of Big Town, and that stalled him for…


I Have 300 Pairs of Shoes

I have three hundred pairs of shoes of every shape and size. I have so many pairs of shoes, you won’t believe your eyes….


Evening Storm

Rocking chair branches barren and bold bent with a sudden wind, this wind, but a breeze, not a gust nor gale gently tolled the…


On a Day Like This

Tandy was starving. For twenty-two hours he’d driven; for eight of those, the windshield wipers worked full speed, the rain like a river drowning…


Twelve Years Ago

Jessica M. had hot pink Mary–Janes strapped with bows, shining with real fake diamonds. Never a hair out of place on the playground. She…


Long Walk Home

This story was inspired by  this quote, “We’re all just walking each other home,” which was written by Ram Dass Wanda laid him to…


Serenade to Spring

Yellow daffodils and lower gas bills, Baby squirrels and giggling girls, Half-bloomed roses and sun-kissed noses, Tender pale green lettuce, Purple clematis on a…