Southern Lit


Arkansas Forecast

“If you don’t like the weather here just wait a few minutes. It’ll change.” old meteorological saying Last night the moon was ringed by…


Down at the Chow Chow

By Mama’s wedding to husband number five, I was finding it hard to muster up even a little enthusiasm. Even so, I showed up…


my friend Roberta

She speaks grits and does not even commit y’all to the plural. i have become a crowd by just standing still and listening to…


Dear Mrs. Roosevelt

August 28, 1934 Dear Mrs. Roosevelt, If the apple trees had blossomed this year I wouldn’t be writing to you today. But that did…


Nine Months

It was summer when we planted you. In a stolen afternoon or a rare and coveted night. I don’t know which. I can only…


As Long As You Remember

He came up from Texas, in a Dodge Ram that blew a gasket on the outskirts of Big Town, and that stalled him for…


I Have 300 Pairs of Shoes

I have three hundred pairs of shoes of every shape and size. I have so many pairs of shoes, you won’t believe your eyes….


Evening Storm

Rocking chair branches barren and bold bent with a sudden wind, this wind, but a breeze, not a gust nor gale gently tolled the…