Sweet, Sweet Summer

words and images: Catherine Frederick

Summer’s almost here, and we’ve got the perfect way to welcome it in with these easy-peasy DIYs. We’re head over heels with these fun fruit motifs which we’ve applied to cork circles made into coasters, and a piece of wood we turned into a serving tray. This year summer is sure to be SWEET!

*Materials purchased from Hobby Lobby(HL), Lowe’s(L) or Walmart(WM) unless I had them on hand.


Watermelon Serving Tray


•  Unfinished 18” Wood Circle (L)
•  2 Handles (HL)
•  Acrylic Paints (HL)
Watermelon Slice, Black, Leaf Green, Lily Pad
•  Spray Shellac (L)
•  Electric Drill
•  Paintbrushes



Paint top of board in Watermelon Slice. Apply additional coat if needed, let dry. Using Leaf Green, paint a 1” border all the way around the top outer edge of the board, as well as the outside. Let dry. Using Lily Pad, paint a stripe over the existing green, about every 2-3” from top to bottom of side. Let dry. Using Black, paint seed shapes in various sizes on top of board.

Once dry, spray a coat of shellac on top and sides of board to protect surface. Adhere handles to each top side of board with electric drill.


Fruit Coasters


•  Acrylic Paints (HL)
Watermelon: Watermelon Slice, Black, White, Leaf Green
Orange: Spiced Pumpkin, White
Kiwi: Lily Pad, Antique Gold, White, Black
•  Round Cork Circles (HL)
•  Clear, Acrylic Waterproof Spray Paint, Gloss (HL)
•  Paintbrushes (HL)
•  Pencil



Paint the top of each circle white. Let dry, apply a second coat. Once dry, use a pencil to sketch out your design. Start painting on the inside and work your way out to the edge. I recommend small, flat, firm paintbrushes so you can best control the paint.

Once dry, spray tops with clear, acrylic waterproof spray paint to seal.

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