daddy diaries


Shirtless in Stamperville

I can feel the tall wisps of bahiagrass grazing across the naked calves of my legs. It’s been raining this afternoon, so it is…


The Guy with All the Answers

“Stoney, when was the pocket watch invented?” I shake my head, being brought back into the present with this random question, one of hundreds…


Silence is Golden

I enjoy being alone. I do. I love silence. I can go hours at a time without speaking to anyone, without any human interaction…


Beautiful Chaos

I was born and raised on a Quarter Horse ranch in northeast Oklahoma. I was the fifth generation of ranchers on The Rocking S…


Baby Talk and the Big Guy

I love being a parent. I really love it. That’s a super hilarious thing to hear myself say. And I’m sure that anyone who…


If Tomorrow Never Comes

Sometimes life is hard. That’s a very insightful observation, I know. Real deep stuff, huh? What can I say, I’m a radical revolutionary. This…


This Year Will Be Better

Can you believe that summer’s almost over? It seems like yesterday that we dropped Abby and Emma off for their last day of school….