jessica sowards

Jessica Sowards

As She Sleeps

Tonight, the light of my Macbook is spilling onto a hay-strewn barn floor. The rhythmic sound of tapping keys is mixing with a hum…


The Home Stretch

I’m not a fan of the winter. I’ve bemoaned it in articles and whined about it to every listening ear. Unfortunately, my laments never…


For Love of the Story

I had written my first short story before I was halfway through elementary school. It was a riveting tale about a bi-species gal named…


The Lazy Farm Girl

I feel the need to disclose a nasty truth about myself. It’s not a skeleton rattling in the closet or a deep and dark…


Christmas Present Christmas Past

There is a particular feeling that inhabits my heart this time of year. I anticipate it from the very first cool morning in September….


November Mornings

November mornings all start the same. The alarm screams at 5:45 in the morning. Slippers and a sweater lie next to my bed to…



I was never the kind of girl to have a lot of girlfriends. As a child, I was a tomboy. While the girls in…



On the first day of school, I thought we might sleep in. There was no bus to miss and no bell to be late…