marla cantrell

Book Review

The Stranger in the Woods

By Michael Finkel | Alfred A. Knopf, 191 pages |$26 In 1986, Christopher Knight was twenty years old. He had his first job, installing…


The BIG LITTLE Craft Show

May is when things get hopping in Arkansas. Schoolchildren are finishing up the year, the weather is perfect, and dozens of festivals get underway….


Here We Are Together

Lucette used to be a “hit-the-road, Jack” kind of girl. When things got hard in a relationship, she was out the door, no turning…


I Let You Go

By Clare Mackintosh | Berkley | 369 pages | $26 Late on a cold and rainy afternoon in Bristol, England, a mother walks her five-year-old son, Jacob, home…

Queenie Eileen

Queenie Eileenie

Eileen Teagle sits inside her Fort Smith, Arkansas home, and the morning sun rushes in through tall windows and glass doors. From where she…


The Distance Between Us

On March 26, 1996, Bob Purvis lay in a field outside West Memphis, Arkansas, waiting to see the Hale-Bopp Comet, which had been discovered…


What’s in Your Pantry?

It’s one o’clock on Sunday afternoon, and Jessica Irgens, Sarah Sawyer, and Jeremy Martin have already put in a day’s work. The three make…