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Chickie Needs a Coop

For years, Terri Burton, whose nickname is Chickie, raised flocks of free-range chickens, letting them have the run of her twenty-six-acre property in the…


How to Make a Dream Come True

The early part of April 2017 found longtime musician Larry Bedell conspiring with James “JT” Thomas, who at that time was the executive chef…


A Thousand Floating Cranes

The Arkansas River, at least where Liddie lives, is not the world’s most beautiful waterway, but she still goes to the grounds of the…


Best Junk Ever!

Van Buren Downtown Junk Fest Labor Day Weekend, September 2-3 9am–6pm | Free to attend     A lot has been going on…


The Distance Between Us

On March 26, 1996, Bob Purvis lay in a field outside West Memphis, Arkansas, waiting to see the Hale-Bopp Comet, which had been discovered…


Queen of the Row

Fort Smith, Arkansas was a loud frontier town at the dawn of the 1900s. Horse-drawn carriages clattered down streets. Trains pulled into the station,…


Small But Mighty

Two women who haven’t met—Destiny Potter in Van Buren, Arkansas, and Barbie Johnson in Fort Smith—are fighting hunger in a small but mighty way….