The Baseboard Buddy—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review

words: Catherine Frederick
Images: courtesy The Baseboard Buddy


What’s the deal?

The Baseboard Buddy is a cleaning tool created to clean baseboards and more with ease.


What’s the claim?

The claim is to make a dreaded household chore faster and easier and save your back and knees in the process, as you’ll no longer need to bend over or get eye level with the baseboards to clean them. Can be used wet or dry and glides easily on baseboards, conforming to their shape. The telescoping handle makes it easy to use up high or down low. All you do is walk and glide the Baseboard Buddy over the surface. Baseboard Buddy also works well on other hard surfaces.


What’s the cost?

I paid under $20 at my local Bed, Bath and Beyond and purchased additional cleaning pads there as well.


What’s the verdict?

Although most of us don’t think about cleaning our baseboards on a weekly basis, it’s a strenuous chore when we do. With the Baseboard Buddy, I use it often and with ease. It’s easy to operate and can be used dry, or sprayed lightly with cleaning or dusting solution. I even use it on my ceiling fans and my cabinets and doorways. The handle is telescopic for easy storage and Baseboard Buddy contains a swivel head so you can use it at any angle. I’ve even reused several pads by running them under water until clear and letting them dry. I highly recommend adding this to your cleaning closet!

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