The BIG LITTLE Craft Show


words: Marla Cantrell
images:courtesy The Little Craft Show

May is when things get hopping in Arkansas. Schoolchildren are finishing up the year, the weather is perfect, and dozens of festivals get underway. We love these festivals, and one of our favorites is The Little Craft Show in Springdale.

There you’ll find more than 100 talented artists and crafters who’ve been juried in, meaning they had to apply and then be selected to participate. You’ll be able to buy an impressive selection of handmade items. These include woodworking, leather goods, artisan foods, prints and stationery, jewelry, clothing, kids’ items, and plenty of other original works. There will also be food and drinks, art installations, and live music.

The Little Craft Show opened in 2011, the brainchild of artist Amber Perrodin, and has developed a loyal following. The makers at this event are incredible, the show is lively and fun, and the shoppers leave with unique items they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Even better? It’s free to attend.

We gathered a snapshot of what you’ll see. Rest assured, though, there is so much more. Save the date, take your friends, or even better, ask your mom to come along. The show is on May 13, the day before Mother’s Day!


Eloa Jane Art & Design

Eloa Jane Pereira | Fayetteville, AR
You know all that junk mail you get every day? Artist Eloa Jane faced the same problem. Since she wanted to recycle, she searched for ways to do it. Now, she makes this amazing art using everything from old office paper to coffee filters.
Villa Design
Villa Design

Melissa Villadiego | Maryland Heights, MO
On a whim several years ago, Melissa took a lampworking class and was hooked on working with glass. Today, she makes jewelry that combines vintage details with a modern twist by incorporating her artisan glass creations with precious stones and mixed metals.
The Little Bubble
The Little Bubble

Bella Corrente | Oklahoma City, OK
Bella, at thirteen years old, has been making soap since she was nine. The Little Bubble started as a homeschool project, and today she makes great products like bath bombs, bubble bars, lotions, candles and other bath treats.
Pheasant Press

Sarah Ridgley | Fort Smith, AR
Sarah first became interested in letterpress printing when she was researching invitations for her wedding. Today, she hand-prints all her work, one piece at a time, on a 1920s Chandler & Price printing press, at her Pheasant Press studio in Fort Smith.
This Loves That and Ply
This Loves That, and Ply

Katie and Barry Abrams | Champaign, IL
Katie and Barry are a husband and wife team. Katie’s specialty is purses and accessories, as well as hand painting wood jewelry. Barry, whose shop is called Ply, silkscreens artwork on paper, wood and fabric banners.
Sister Sucrose
Sister Sucrose

Myra Epp | Fayetteville, AR
Myra is the owner, baker and decorator at Sister Sucrose. She started making intricate cookies in her kitchen for friends and family, which grew into a custom cookie business. This stay-at-home mom loves nothing better than bringing folks together with a sweet treat.
Odder Daughter
Odder Daughter Instruments

Kelsey Robins | Bentonville, AR
Kelsey, the creator of Odder Daughter Instruments, makes everything from whistles crafted with Arkansas walnut, to guitars and ukuleles created with recycled materials. She crafts flutes, tambourines, dulcimers, lyres, jingle bells, and more, including instruments for kids.

Terri Bittings | Springdale, AR
Terri’s serving trays and old fashioned tree swings are made from decades-old barn wood. She uses old metal and leather in her one-of-a-kind trays, and the tree swings are fashioned with 3/4″ manila rope and aged barn wood that will last in the elements.

Misty Duffy | Yellville, AR
Misty started making her own skincare products when she was pregnant with her daughter. She wanted to know what she was putting on her skin, and she wanted those products to be simple, unscented and organic. A few years later, Misty started her company, CreekBaby.
The Cake Occasion
The Cake Occasion

Stephanie Long | Springdale, AR
Stephanie is the nineteen-year-old owner of The Cake Occasion. She’s in culinary school and works nearly full-time, making her dreams come true. She loves baking, hard work, and creating treats that make people happy.

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