Up Close & Personal – Catherine Frederick

Catherine Frederick

Owner and Editor-in-Chief
Do South Magazine

7030 Taylor Avenue, Ste. 5
Fort Smith, AR 72913
dosouthmagazine.com | 479.782.1500

About Do South Magazine

Do South Magazine celebrates six years of extraordinary storytelling this month! We are blessed by all of our amazing advertisers who support us and our tens of thousands of readers. There’s no place like Arkansas, and there’s no one better to tell the stories of this great state than Do South Magazine. We love documenting what life is like in this part of the South, from the off-the-beaten-path destinations to the food that we love, to the artists and craftspeople who find inspiration here. We will continue our mission: to showcase what’s best about our state, its people, and the natural beauty that humbles us every time the seasons change.


Favorite quote

“The love of family is life’s greatest gift.”


3 Things I couldn’t make it through the day without

MAC, iPhone, Coffee


I was born in

Little Rock, Arkansas.


I’m inspired by 

my son who dreams big dreams and his dedication to achieving them.


The best thing about my job is 

meeting new people and playing a small part in sharing their amazing stories with thousands of people across Arkansas and the U.S.


If I could have one superpower, it would bethe ability to time travel.


My favorite thing about Arkansas is

the changing seasons and the beauty of our great state!


If I could be any animal for a day I would be 

my dog Jack Brewster, he’s a spoiled rotten mess!


Currently, my favorite song is
“Let it Go” by James Bay.


My favorite state park is

Petit Jean.


If I could learn something new, it would be

to speak Italian and play the guitar. 


The most unusual thing in my fridge is

wasabi paste – it’s a must-have for my homemade sushi!


Most people would be surprised to learn that

I’ve spent my entire career working in marketing/communications, from a PR firm to communications director, to advertising agencies, to owning my own agency!


My first job was 

working a snow cone stand.


If I could go back and give my teenage self advice, it would be to

listen to my parents and not be in such a rush. Take time to travel and try new things.


Would you rather live in the city, in the mountains, or on the beach?  

The beach!


My favorite TV shows are 

Walking Dead, The Bachelor & Bachelorette, and Nashville.


The worst trouble I was ever in as a kid was

when I wouldn’t let my cousin play with my McDonald’s Happy Meal container (which happened to be a spaceship), after being  warned multiple times. Mom found a switch from the yard and attempted a spanking – thank goodness that switch was rotten.


I feel dressed up 

anytime I am not wearing yoga pants!


My worst habit is 

thinking I’ve misplaced my phone every five minutes.


If I could choose any actress to play my life, it would be 

Keira Knightley.


The last time I did something that scared me was

when I resigned from my job and started my advertising agency, and then only a few years later, took the leap to start Do South Magazine.


I sometimes daydream about 

owning a seaside bar, bartending, meeting new people and renting out hammocks!


My first car was

a cherry red Chevrolet Cavalier. 


The strangest place I ever called the Hogs was 

on the beach with complete strangers!


If I could take a year off from my job

I’d spend every moment with my family.



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