Up Close & Personal – Kristy Ball

About H3 Home & DÉcor

H3 Home & Décor / La-Z-Boy® Comfort Studio is the only authorized La-Z-Boy® dealer in our area. Our store features only La-Z-Boy® furnishings, along with Kincaid® and Hammary®  case goods. We are owned by a three-generation furniture family and have three stores statewide. We offer free in-home design as well as over 750 different fabrics and leathers to choose from so that you can customize your furniture for your home and lifestyle.  All of our furniture comes with a lifetime guarantee on the frame and everything inside the frame. La-Z-Boy® is made in the USA with our factories being in Neosho, Missouri and Siloam Springs, Arkansas. We are known for comfort and quality!


H3 Home & Décor
7607 Rogers Avenue,
Fort Smith, Arkansas


Words to live by
Treat everyone you meet like you would like to be treated.


I was born in
Russellville, Arkansas.


I live in
Alma, Arkansas.


I’m inspired by
nature, texture, and color.


My favorite things about Arkansas are
nature, the lakes, and mountains.


Most people would be surprised to learn
that I’m a flea market junkie.


The most unusual thing in my fridge is
lots of spicy sauces.


My favorite app
is Houzz.


My first job was
at Burger Time. I was a window cashier.


When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be
a flight attendant.


If I could bring back one fashion trend
it would be big hair!


If I could thank my mom for just one thing, it would be
for always believing in me.


My best summer vacation was
in Hawaii.


My superpower is
mom power.  I have eyes in the back of my head.


The worst trouble I was ever in as a kid was
when I tried to fix a red Kool-Aid® stain on white carpet with bleach.


I never leave home without
my makeup bag.


One thing I was never able to learn was
how to dance.


If I could go back and give my teenaged-self advice, it would be
to stay focused and determined and to build myself up.


I feel dressed up when I wear
a sundress and wedges.


I never met
an egg I didn’t like.


My worst habit is
leaving opened Splenda® packets on the counter.


My best habit is
i’m a time control-freak.


I can make
a mean dish of chicken spaghetti.


The actor I’d choose to play my life
Julia Roberts.


My last road trip was
to Kansas City to see my new grandbaby.


My favorite fashion trend is
maxi dresses.


The last time I did something that scared me
was when I went parasailing.


I sometimes daydream about
traveling the world.


My first car was
a Volkswagon® Rabbit.

If calories didn’t count
I’d eat ice cream every day.

Something I can’t live without
is flipflops.

Something that’s always in my purse
is lip gloss.

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