Up Close & Personal – Wendy Dean

Wendy Dean

D&D Floor Covering
1323 Main Street
Van Buren, Arkansas


About DDFloorCovering

D & D Floor Covering is a complete home design center selling and professionally installing all types of floor coverings and custom window treatments. We are designers and decorators who can help our clients create kitchens, baths, whole houses, and commercial businesses that will function beautifully and look extraordinary. Our large showroom is a treat to visit with lots to see.  We’re known for our exceptional service and help in making the process of change fun and easy.


Words to Live By:

“Kill them with kindness.”

3 Products Wendy can’t live without:

Lip gloss, snacks, the Word.

I was born in

Harrison, Arkansas.

I live in

Van Buren.

I’m inspired by

my family and friends.

The best thing about my job is

helping people make their dream home come to life.

My favorite thing about Arkansas is 

the four distinct seasons.

My superpower is 


Most people would be surprised to learn that I

trout fish.

The most unusual thing in my fridge is

sourdough starter.

My first job was

as an assistant coach for a summer baseball program.

If calories didn’t count,

I’d eat potato chips and dip
every day.

My best friends describe me as 


My best Halloween costume ever was 

Snow White.

When I was a kid, I wanted to grow up to be

a teacher.

I never met

a kid I didn’t like.

My worst habit is

that I try to finish my husband’s sentences.

My best habit is 

that I love to cook.

If I could choose an actor to play my life, it would be

Sandra Bullock.

My first car was a

1964 Chevy Nova with a 327 engine.

If I could take a year off from my job,

I’d visit all the national parks.

My granddaughter

always makes me smile.


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