You Need a Jack Brewster

The offices of Do South Magazine are about as comfy as you can get. We have what looks like a traditional living room, a kitchen complete with a popcorn machine, and there is the prop room filled with things like glittery red heart cut-outs for Valentine’s Day, and old ice skates for Christmas, and what appears to be a slightly drunk turkey that may or may not make it into our November issue.

But what makes this workplace feel like time-off is the resident pup, Jack Brewster. He visits regularly, roaming from office to office, getting treats, asking to go out. SQUIRREL! Or just kicking back on the sofa, after he’s been for a walk outside.

For those of us who love pets  (A.K.A. everyone we know), being around them makes life better. Greeted at the door, it’s hard not to feel excited about the rest of the day. Trying to work out a transition in a story, and Jack’s there, looking at me with those big eyes, seeming to say, “You can make this work!”

Right now, Jack Brewster is lying on the floor beside me. He’s just let out that big sigh, the one that means he’s done all he can and the rest is up to me. As I reach down and pat his sweet head, I feel like I can do the rest. I wouldn’t want to let Jack Brewster down.

By the way, October is Adopt a Rescue Pet month. Every year, between 3 and 4 million pets wait for a forever home. (We have some great photos of pets needing homes on page 16 of this month’s digital and print issue of Do South.) Today would be a great day to go to a shelter near you, find your own version of our Zen-master Jack Brewster, and bring your new friend home.IMG_9252


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