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Bush’s Pinto Bean Pie

On a recent trip to Tennessee, I visited the epicenter of Bush’s® Beans in Chestnut Hill, which is approximately forty miles from Knoxville. The…


A Thousand Floating Cranes

The Arkansas River, at least where Liddie lives, is not the world’s most beautiful waterway, but she still goes to the grounds of the…


MoviePass—Does It Work?

A Do South® Review What’s the deal? MoviePass is a theatergoing subscription service that’s changing the way consumers see movies.   What’s the claim?…


The Untouchables

I used to imagine living a sacrificial life for God entailed being a good girl. Follow the rules, try not to sin. Give up…


200 Fort Smith

Fort Smith was founded on Christmas Day, 1817, and since then has had its share of successes and failures, triumphs and tragedies, hard times…


Quality Quaffs

Like a lot of people, my introduction to beer was inauspicious as far as the quality of suds was concerned. I can still remember…