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Once Upon a Time

Refinish a piece of furniture in a day with almost no prep needed. Sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Enter chalk paint. One…


Don’t Blink

I squeezed Abby tight. She’s normally not much of a hugger, but this day, I just didn’t care. I held her for just a…


Monster Treats

 INGREDIENTS Crispy Rice Cereal Treats – homemade or pre-packaged 12 ounces milk chocolate chips Assorted decorating candies & sprinkles Candy apple sticks   METHOD…


Tea As A Tonic

I don’t drink tea at night as a general rule. Only sometimes, when it’s on the early end of late, and my brain just…


Peter, Peter, Punkin’ Eater

INGREDIENTS 2 ounces pumpkin spice vodka 1 ounce spiced rum ½ ounce whole milk 2 Tablespoons pumpkin puree 1 ounce maple syrup ½ teaspoon…


Guitar Man

It is a brilliant September afternoon in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Already, a few leaves on a nearby maple tree have turned an orangey-red, and…