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Book Review

The Husband’s Secret

  Cecilia Fitzpatrick’s life is almost as spotless as her pantry. There, in the well-lit space, everything is in Tupperware containers, rows and rows…


Magic in the Colorado Mountains

Approaching Ouray, Colorado from the north, what begins as a vast expanse of high plains narrows into hardly more than a slot canyon as…


The Ties That Bind

  “Your brother and sister are the closest relations that you have in this world.  You’ve got the same blood running through your veins. …


Lemon Pesto Pasta

There’s nothing better than the start of summer. One of the best parts for me is that you can find tons of fresh produce…

Girl Mechanic

The Mechanic’s Name Is Kat

  Katherine “Kat” Abshere is eighteen years old. She sports short hair, rides a motorcycle, and is rarely without a pocketknife. Today, on a…


Roots & Refuge

When I need to get away, get quiet and talk to God, I go sit in my chicken yard. Being in ministry, I’ve talked…