This Year Will Be Better

Can you believe that summer’s almost over? It seems like yesterday that we dropped Abby and Emma off for their last day of school….


The Words You Wear

This story starts in the basement of a house owned by Mr. and Mrs. Eldridge in the Big Sky Country of Montana. On that…


Kyle Kellams
A Story Well-Told

For many of us, the collection and preservation of the stories of our home state is important and appreciated, but for Kyle Kellams, it’s…


The Burger Legacy

It’s a fine summer day, warm but not hot. The sky is gray, a slab hanging over the city, and the threat of rain…


Do Gooder: Paula Riggs

Paula Riggs grew up in big, noisy family. There were seven children, four girls and three boys. What she remembers most about her parents…


Becoming Country

You will never really understand how city you are until your life shifts and you find yourself removed from suburbia. I’ve harbored a homestead…


Queen Concordia – August: 1954

In the summer of 1954, on a muggy August night in Tontitown, Arkansas, Antoinette Zulpo (now Pianalto) became a queen. The dress she wore…


Life Above Ground

It was evident early on that Bill Womble’s life would revolve around flight. As a young boy he often spent hours at Tilles Park…