southern lit


Up On Piney Mountain

Allie Walker pushed aside two trashcans that held chicken feed, scooted past the riding lawn mower and grabbed her ex-husband’s handsaw. The shed was…


Spring Garden

My cobbely plot of gray soil, hand-turned with a pronged fork last October waits for the earth’s March tilt to bring the year’s first…


Somewhere the Rainbow

The newness of this season Is refreshing – delicious. Its change is invigorating Prodding us to escape From the crystal latticework Of wintry confinement;…

Tear It Down

Tear It Down

“Got a nightclub going in up over that way,” Charlie Boy says, and points past the long gravel driveway. “Up where the Amish drive…


The Poet at Cherokee Village

Evening was at hand in the old village. Lavender sky gathered indigo edges, Bluing to twilight. Crow circled, Called, kept watch. I watched For…


She’ll Be Back

She was wearing a dark blue velvet dress, cut low at the neckline, a slit running up the right side of her long skirt….