Falling For Fredericksburg

Fredericksburg sits in the land of grapes and peaches, bluebonnets and rivers. In the land of Longhorns and German food, that sits just five…


Grilled Chicken Caprese

This simple, yet delicious, recipe is perfect for the season. Grab some of the ingredients fresh from your garden, or your local farmers market….


The Hopeful Romantic

“… It was in the season that I could not feel the thing, when I came to the place of choosing to love when…


Jar-normous Gift Ideas

Sometimes you need a quick gift idea. Perhaps itís a holiday, like Fatherís Day, youíre celebrating with friends, someoneís sick, or welcoming a new…


Martinis in the Garden

Leave behind the daily grind and join Botanical Garden of the Ozarks for a casual evening of local art, live music, and hors d’oeuvres…

Book Review


By Lysa TerKeurst | Nelson Books, 275 pages |$17 I have a small confession  to make. I have a handful of Christian authors who…



I’d been through a few men by then. Not so many as to cause a scandal, but enough. My best friend Jimmie Ann and…